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Hearthstone Crafting Pt2

August 25 2017 , Written by HeartinHearthstone

In this post I will follow up about Hearthstone crafting - I felt splitting up the topic would be better than one huge guide. It also means you can put my information to the test in stages, and get a proper understanding (and perhaps learn some tips for yourself). My first resource I came across is here, there is a decent guide that reinforces my previous post about Hearthstone Deck Crafting. Especially making sure you stay up to date with meta changes, as seen with Knights of The Frozen Throne there have been huge changes such as deck picks in arena PVP. Usually I find there are some overpowered cards when new metas are released, it's hard for game developers to test every possible combination and play styles before releasing updates to the game, so you can take advantage of this while you can. Usually these cards get nerfed pretty quickly, or others get buffed but it's a good source of gold and XP to take advantage of whilst you can.

For those of you who have played Hearthstone for any considerable amount of time, you know that this means the meta has changed. If you're anything like me, you also don't spend your dust or gold which puts you at an advantage, because you can create a deck purpose built for this new meta without having to waste gold or dust. As a side note, I must say this new expansion is awesome and if you haven't bought it I would highly recommend you doing so. It adds a lot more to the game and has made it fresh again - although they have changed how the arena works which the general community hasn't taken kindly too, so I'm hoping this decision is reversed.

Anyway back on topic, there are quite a lot of resources out there for crafting decks but I've had bad experience with quite a lot of them. One blog I recommend you can find #here#. The blog is still fairly new, however their post about deck crafting caught my eye and I couldn't not pass this on to you guys. You can read the full post by using the link I've given, but there are quite a few tips that have helped me when crafting - especially when a new meta has been released.

As a new expansion has been released it also means there is more of the storyline you can play offline. I know this doesn't sound amazing to do, but it means you can earn extra gold for your deck crafting in PVP if you got a bit click happy before the meta change. I believe there are 3 new camps to beat with a total of 7 bosses, each earning you 100 gold a piece to beat. There is also a new AI that you can play againt, with 8 levels to earn you even more gold. I know this sounds like a sales pitch but I was starting to become discouraged with Hearthstone until they dropped Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

If you were lucky enough to pre-order the expansion, don't forget there are packs you can claim (50 free packs I believe) back at the tutorial. I don't think there is an expiry date, but I wouldn't wait to claim them as they are completely free. You're also guaranteed 5 cards from the fossil decks, so go for it!

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