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Different Hearthstone Decks

August 11 2017

Today I will explain the different deck types in Hearthstone. The idea is to focus on a specific purpose for your deck to try and exploit a weakness your opponent may have. I have found this tactic to be useful over the years, especially against decks that are countered by mine. There is no one size fits all, and you will lose to other players sometimes, however you can be more successful focusing on a specific type of deck rather than being a jack of all trades.

The first deck is a Rush deck, sometimes called burn or aggro. This deck is a pure damage dealer, which is meant to deal the largest amount of damage possible, regardless of what your opponent is doing. The advantage of this deck, is shorter game times (assuming your deck is successful). If your opponent can survive until medium/late game, it's likely that they will win - this is the downside of this deck. A Aggro deck is ment to be played in such a way that it controls the tempo of the game to put you in a position of power.

The second deck type is called a control deck, as the name implies it's meant to control the board with emphasis on early game. This deck is great at stalling until late game, and when used against a Rush deck it works extremely well. When using this deck, it buys you time to build your late game cards to deal more damage, by using taunts, counters and redirects of high damage attacks. These cards also allow multiple card draws, and prefered to keep as many options available as possible, to frustrate your opponent.

Combo decks use a combination of 2 or more cards, recommended for more experienced players who understand the game mechanics more and who will be able to make split second decisions. This kind of deck is a good representation of luck needed to win games.

Ramp decks are similar to a Control deck, however Ramp decks have their own method to put giant minions on the board quicker, mainly by gaining more mana crystals or lowering minion costs.

Zoo/Tempo decks is playing low cost cards in order to overwhelm your opponent quickly for a quick win. These cards are generally lower damage minions, quote the lower card cost. The deck gets it's name by controling the tempo of the early game, but sometimes can be called a Zoo deck. Similar to a Rush deck, if your opponent survives to mid or late game it's likely they will win.

Mid range decks are built specifically for the mid range game time. Generally the maximum affect of this deck can be felt around turn 4/5. A mid range deck tries to control against an Aggro deck, and aggro against a Control deck. This means it's quite difficult to make a deck of this nature, especially if the meta frequently changes or has just been updated. You usually want to play cards that are low cost that buff your mid game cards properly for an effective finisher.

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